Date Topic Downloads
12/06/2021 Away Days Attendance Certificate Certificate
19/03/2021 Differential Attainment Presentation
15/01/2021 GP trainers genomic education  
12/06/2020 Away Days Conversations Inviting Change – John Launer   

Training Hubs – Rachel Roberts

15/03/2019 Effective PDPs (Shahid Dadabhoy) Presentation
18/01/2019 TWS planning 2019 Workshop year planning 2019
11/05/2018 Maximising the potential of Millennial Doctors Presentation
15/09/2017 Generation Theory – Mel Sayers Presentation
05/05/2017 Away Days Conference 2017 Agenda/Feedback
Poetry/Art therapy
Peer appraisal shared god practice
COT Calibration exercise 2017
Nuts & Bolts
CSA top tips
Mental Health Issues in Trainees
Mental Health
A Poem about burnout
18/11/2016 Hot topics and Junior Doctor Contract PD conference Nov 16 
Junior Doctor Contract 2016
GP reg work schedule
23/09/2016 Trainers facing learner issues.
(Ann Telesz) Deanery link
07/05/2016 Away Days Maximising your learner’s success
You Matter  (End of life – 40mb .Zip)Nuts & Bolts
Trainee ST3 journey
Approval visit
Future trainee
Art and Media
 16/10/2015 Learning Log Entries Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
 17/07/2015 Trainees in Difficulty Presentation
Case Studies
RCGP Indicators of Potential Underperformance
 09/05/2015 Nuts and Bolts
Away Day Trainer Presentations
GP vs Hospital
Learning Needs Assessment
Quality Improvement Projects
Learning Log Entries
Learning Environment and Tutorials
Educator’s Notes
Planning For A Registrar
 08/05/2015 Introduction to coaching conversations
(Ann Telesz)
08/05/2015 Reflective Writing
(John Launer)
30/03/201 CSA Examination
(Faye Dannhauser)
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Top Tips
 21/11/2014 Facilitating Learners with Significant Event Analyses
(Shahid Dadabhoy)
20/06/2014 Leadership QIP
(Douglas Hing)
Feedback Sheet
21/03/2014 Child Protection
Useful websites:
Essex Safeguarding Board
Warning Signs and Vunerabillities Checklist
Spot The Signs (Barnados)
GP referral pathway for sexual assault
Child sexual exploitation
Reading List